The Heart of KST Business Solutions

Kat Sloan


Kat Sloan is a distinguished professional with over 30 years of experience in customer service, administration, and sales. Her extensive expertise ensures that any business remains top-of-mind for its customers. At just 19, Kat emerged as one of the leading representatives in Vancouver’s arts sector, generating over $2 million in subscriptions within a year. She quickly advanced to the role of manager at 20, becoming the youngest in the company’s history to manage a call center of twenty-five employees. Under her leadership, the center became one of the top performers in a matter of months. Despite a medical condition that later required her to work from home, Kat saw an opportunity to leverage her skills to assist small business owners operating from home. Recognizing the need for balance between enjoyable tasks and necessary but less-loved ones, she founded KST Business Solutions in January 2007, following her recovery. Kat's engaging personality and professionalism enable her to easily build rapport over the phone while maintaining the highest standards. Her exceptional work ethic and dedication ensure that both her clients’ and their customers’ needs are met with complete satisfaction.

What KST customers think:

"Kat just started working with me and has already created great results. I highly recommend her for her VA services."
Wayne Fredin
Owner, Take Action Results Business Coaching

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

What A VA Can Do For Your Business

Imagine having an assistant who handles all the same duties as an in-house assistant but works remotely, saving you both time and money. That’s the power of a Virtual Assistant (VA). By working from our office, we only bill for the time spent on your tasks, ensuring you aren’t paying for idle time.

Here are some key ways a VA can elevate your business:

- Customer Management: We create and maintain your business contacts and customer databases, and set up Constant Contact accounts if needed.

- Invoice Management: We handle invoicing and follow up on past-due payments, ensuring accuracy and eliminating errors.

- Financial Services: From payroll to all things QuickBooks (Kat is QuickBooks Online Certified), we've got you covered.

- Scheduling: We organize and maintain your appointment schedule, making it easily accessible and understandable.

- Customer Outreach: We contact your current customers monthly to ensure they’re satisfied and reach out to past customers to keep your business top-of-mind through newsletters or phone calls.
-Social Media: We manage your social media platforms, keeping your online presence active and engaging.

... and much more.

With a KST VA, you get dedicated, professional support exactly when you need it, without the overhead of a full-time employee. Let us help you streamline your business and focus on what you do best.

Alignable Announces Kat Sloan of KST Business Solutions as an Alignable Top 25 Canadian Business Mentor Of The Year for 2021